Energy healing chapter 1: The energy field

Energy healing is an ancient and profound method of healing which has been used throughout the centuries and since man walk the earth for healing all kinds of illnesses. 

These old-time practices are called shamanistic, and the practitioner a shaman or medicine man or woman. Medicine today has separated itself from using energy for healing and focuses primarily on dissolving physical or psychological problems. 

Energy healing sees healing from a broader perspective. It includes its own definition of sickness, adapts a certain philosophy on human life on earth and uses non-material methods to heal a person from a wide range of symptoms and problems.

The universal energy field 

Through ages and cultures, many reports have been about a universal energy field connecting all life and beyond. Scientifically twelve characteristics of this field can be noted. The field is composed by undefined energy. The substance is finer than matter. It may also exist between matter and energy. It permeates all space and animate and inanimate objects. It can flow and move from one object to another. It follows the rules of harmonic inductance and sympathic resonance. The field is synergistic. It shows the opposite of decay. It holds an organizing effect on matter, it is like the glue holding matter together. 

The human energy field or the aura or auric field

The human energy field is our own personal field of energy surrounding us. It is also called aura or auric field. This field surrounds us and interpenetrates our physical body. This field goes hand in hand with our physical body, it's like it’s part of us but not everyone can see it. The human energy field gives a clear idea about our physical and mental health. This is how healing the energy field affects our physical a psychological health. The aura is the place where we store our thoughts, memories, and behavior patterns. 

Thoughts and emotions can move between space and time in the layers of our aura, they do not follow a linear time-line like we think we do. In the aura layers can be observed. The aura consists of seven layers and seven chakras. Each layer is related to a chakra. Not only humans have a personal energy field, every living thing has its own aura. And all these energy-fields are interconnected. 

A little bit of history. In the West we mostly see ourselves as solid objects following the Newtonian idea of matter. Early 19th century we started to discover electromagnetic phenomena and that our universe is filled with fields of energy. Knowledge which has long been forgotten. 

Mesmer was one of the first to talk about energy fields and work with them. Rupert Sheldrake proposed that all known energy and material fields are also connected by unseen organizing fields. Carl Jung talks about the collective unconscious. Many other western scientists conducted research measuring energy particles emanating from living persons, plants or animals. 

To be continued...

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