Energy healing chapter 2: The 7 chakras

A chakra is an energy portal located on the body connecting the outer energy layers of the auric field with the inner of the body. The type of energy healing taught by Barbara Brennan uses mainly seven chakra’s. The seven chakra’s each have a fixed location on the human body, these are major nerve plexuses which are connected with the whole body. 

Chakras receive universal energy (prana, chi or otherwise) and transport the energy to the nervous system, the endocrine system, the blood system through special very thin pathways in the body. The energy can reach any part of the body and facilitate healing of that part. 

Each chakra has a front and a back vortex on the body. Except for the crown and base chakra, which have only one, above and below. Chakras have the form of a cone when observed with HSP. Their shape and type of movement, they spin, gives the healer information about the state of health of the patient. Chakras should be open, so the energy can go through in a healthy and balanced way. 

Chakra one is located at the base and its emotional color is red. The first chakra is about physical functioning, physical sensations and feelings, automatic and autonomic functioning. The psychological function is our quantity of physical energy and our will to live. 

Physically the first chakra is connected with the adrenals, the spinal column and the kidneys. Layer one is the etheric body. This layer is about the definite structure of our body, also called the etheric body, it holds the field of tiny lines which forms our body. It is light blue to grey. The consciousness level of the etheric level is instinctive, automatic reflexes and the automatic functioning of the organs.

Chakra two is located at the sacral point and its emotional color is red-orange. The second chakra is about emotional functioning, our daily feelings and emotions. The psychological function of the chakra is our quality of sexual energy, life force and about giving and receiving physical, mental and spiritual pleasure. 

Physically the second chakra is connected with the  gonads and our reproductive system. Layer two is the emotional body, is has a fluid structure and it’s a bit thinner than the first. The primal feelings and emotions relating to the self of a person color this field. At the conscious level it is about personal emotions.

Chakra three is located at solar plexus and its emotional color is yellow. The third chakra is about mental functioning and our mental life. The psychological function of the chakra is great pleasures and expansiveness together with spiritual wisdom, being conscious of the universality of life, who you are in the universe. Also about healing intentionally towards your health. 

Physically the third chakra is connected with the pancreas, stomach, liver,  gall bladder and nervous system. Layer three, the mental body has a definite structure and is even finer and larger. It holds our structure of ideas and therefor holds the body together. It is about the lineair and analytic mind. The conscious level of this layer is thinking. 

Chakra four is located at the heart and its emotional color is bright grass green. The fourth chakra is about our heart, loving and connecting with others, it contains our energy of love. The psychological function of the chakra is feelings of love for other beings, openness to life, and our ego. 

Physically the chakra is connected with the thymus gland, heart, blood, vagus nerve and circulatory system. Layer four, the astral body has a fluid structure and relates to the astral plane. This is the layer of love, it is a doorway, and rose light colors this layer. The astral body is about emotions stronger than our personal self. It is connected to the astral plane which makes it possible to do astral travel. When concentrating on a place we can travel to be there. Objects are fluid of form in the astral plane. 

Chakra five is located at the throat and its emotional color is sky blue. The fifth chakra is about higher and divine will. The psychological function of the chakra is taking in and assimilating, receipting responsibility and our sense of self within society and your profession. 

Physically the chakra is connected with the thyroid gland, bronchial and vocal  apparatus, lungs, and alimentary canal. Layer five, the etheric template links to the spiritual plane and has a definite structure. The etheric template body is a sort of blue print of our physique. Our physical body is negatively projected at this layer. The consciousness of this layer is of higher will, by willing, naming and defining we bring things into being.

Chakra six is located at the forehead and its emotional color is indigo. The sixth chakra is about celestial love, love beyond the personal, the universal love. The psychological function of the chakra is the capacity to visualize and understand mental concepts, the ability to carry out ideas in a practical way. 

Physically the  chakra is connected with the pituitary gland, lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system. Layer six the celestial body has a fluid structure and help us to experience ecstasy. We can feel one with nature without separation through this layer. At a conscious level this layer is about higher feelings of love for all in life, beyond personal feelings and longings.

Chakra seven is located at the crown and its emotional color is violet and white. The seventh chakra is about our higher mind and our spiritual path. The psychological function of the chakra is the integration of total personality in life, and the spiritual aspects of mankind. 

Physically the  chakra is connected with the pineal, upper brain and right eye. Layer seven, the ketheric body has a definite structure and is connected to our crown. From there it extends to all other layers. It has a golden grid structure of the body and all our chakras. It is the strongest field and holds a vertical power current giving the body strength. 

To be continued...

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