Energy healing chapter 3: Health and sickness


What is health? When are you a healthy person living a healthy live? For one person, not having to visit a doctor is health, for another person it could mean leading a life of personal inner growth.  

When we are born the incarnation process starts. The higher energies of our incarnation become available for us, through our life. Each stage in life creates new challenges and discoveries due to the higher energies of our incarnation coming through, ultimately we are able to fulfil our live task. Energy healers rebalance the chakras and the layers of the aura they harmonize, repair and clean them. The more balanced and harmonized the fields and chakras are, the more healthy we are. So the more we are able to do our personal task for this life. 

At conception an energetic link is made between our soul and the fertilized egg. We slowly start to loose our consciousness about the spirit world. At birth we first encounter the influences of the new environment without the protection of the womb. In babyhood we slowly awaken to the new world. The soul needs to fit and adapt to the growing physical body. Adulthood means that all chakras are fully opening and functioning. 


When are you sick? When you need to see a doctor? When you need drugs to feel good? Being sick is when something feels wrong, aches, or does not work properly in our body, we cannot do what we physically want to do. We want this inconvenience fixed by a doctor and continue doing what we do. So far a general comtemporary idea about healing sickness.

In the field of energy healing quite a different point of view about sickness is leading the healing practice. Feeling discomfort means that part of the body is asking for attention. We need to pay attention to the problem and ask ourselves what is needed to do? Illness is seen as a lesson to help you remember who you really are, a pointer and a way of telling you, that you are on the wrong track. You need to change to heal, and when you make this change you will be closer to your personal journey, your souls task.

The aura is the place where we store our memories, emotions, behavior patterns and thoughts. In the aura colors can be observed related to emotions. Anger is seen as dark red, our life force is bright red -orange, fear seems whitish and grey, sadness is dark grey, envy is dark, dirty sticky, greenish. The normal aura pulsates with fifteen pulsations per minute. During our daily life the aura changes continuously from color to color. For example when we are in love the aura glows rose. Spiritual feelings like the truth give blue, purple shows spirituality and silvery gold is for purity. 

It is normal to have feelings and we need to address them and let go. When we choose not to do this and not address our feelings we block our natural flow of energy. Instead stagnated pools of energy start to form in our aura. An energy block develops. When we do not address this block, it can ‘travel’ down our layers of the aura and form a block in our physical body, this is how sickness and disease start. When observing the aura for healing we look for physical, psychological and spiritual dysfunctions and blocks in the aura. Drugs have a devastating effect on the aura, they make the aura look scattered. 

To be continued...

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