Amazing healing

I must have been 14 or 15 years old, my world consisted of going to school, hanging with friends and a lot of horse-back riding. I had no clue about qigong, China, healing, qi or martial arts. 

Even so I had no clue about paranormal abilities, not even my own. My world was pretty small at that time growing up in a little town nearby the sea in Holland.
One of my best friends had to go to the hospital to have the pins removed from her leg. She was born with a crippled leg. The doctors had broken the leg and put pins in it, to straighten the ankle and lower leg, so she would eventually be able to walk better. 
My friend was not amused by this procedure and very uncomfortable. I was there to support her and hold her hand.
While we were waiting for the new x-rays to arrive a older woman walked in the room. She must have been 65 or so, but she looked very vital and worldly, she was very calm. I liked her immediately and that is why I was paying attention to her. 
She was talking to the doctors, she wanted them to take an x-ray of her arms to check if the arms were healthy. That was a strange request I thought because apparently there was nothing visible wrong with her arms.
And then she told the most amazing story to the doctors, which after 30 years is still anchored in my memory as one of the most important events of my life. She told the doctors she had been travelling through China, mostly through nature, for as it seemed to me, quite a long while. 
At a certain time she had a really nasty accident, which I do not recall, sorry for that. She had broken both her lower arms. This was absolutely horrifying. Just as horrifying as the pins sticking out of my friends legs, waiting to be removed.
The doctors listened quietly to her story. I saw the disbelief on their faces because this woman was showing two healthy and strong arms, she could not have possibly broken her arms in the last two months.  The time which had passed since the accident had happened.
She continued her story, the two men who were her guides at the trip brought her to a cave in the nearby area, she had to be carried because she was in so much pain. In the cave lived an old Chinese man who could help her. 
It was a really dangerous situation for her, not only because there were no hospitals nearby but she was not able to travel by herself anymore. How would she ever reach the Netherlands? She was a Dutch woman by the way.
So she was brought to the old Chinese man in the cave. He put some big green leaves on her arm, to refresh them a bit and relieve the pain. Then he continued to focus intensely on her arm, mumbling some strange words. 
After those seemingly insignificant practices he told her to move her arms. She was reluctant but she could feel the pain was gone.
She could move her arms without pain! She looked underneath the leaves and the fractures were gone. Her arms were completely healthy and there was no apparent sign of being broken which at first was very obvious. 
It was an amazing healing, the old mumbling man in the cave had healed both her broken arms in minutes. The woman could continue her travels without any problem.
Such a strange story! I had never heard something like that, and neither did the doctors in the room. I myself had broken my arm when I was younger, and it took at lot of time to heal, I could clearly envisage how it must have been for the woman having two arms broken. Not good at all.
The situation was so strange, being in the hospital room with my friend who had her leg in pins, which look pretty barbaric. The older woman telling her story and the doctors who did not know what to make of it. 
At some points in your life many new and strange forms of information enter your system this was certainly such a moment for me.
Eventually the doctors took photos’ of the woman’s arms and had to conclude there were indeed tiny visible scars on the bones indicating there had been a fracture. But strangely it had healed just in a perfect way, what bones normally do not do, grow together to connect perfectly.
I never saw the woman again, I do not even know her name. How big are the odds to meet someone who has experienced such an amazing form of healing? From that day on my mind was expanded in believing there were more ways of healing broken arms, even ways we hold not possible in Holland. 
The woman was sincere I could see it in her eyes, she had no hidden agenda to tell such a story in a hospital, she was not trying to convince doctors or anyone. She simply was astonished about what had happened to her and wanted to have a sort of proof because she could not believe it herself.
Now many years later, as a qigong-teacher, I get a lot of questions about the healing effects of Zhineng Qigong, the form I practice. And sometimes even critique. How could I know that with practicing ZQ you can heal from serious diseases? 
How come I so strongly believe this? Well I just told you the story. This woman met a qigong-master in the cave, he emitted qi to her and the bones reset themselves to a healthy state.
Very simple. The qigong master has trained so long and with such persistence he had increased his abilities to adjust matter and send information to a person to speed up the healing proces. 
By changing the information in her cells he was able to make them heal. And that is why I’m convinced Qigong, and especially Zhineng Qigong can do incredible things for you. It did so for me, which I will share in other stories.
And for my friend, her leg got a bit better. If she would have grown up in the proximity of a qigong master she probably had practiced a lot and healed her crippled leg just by using qi.

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