Meeting boredom and impatience in your daily Qigong practice

You are about to start your daily practice Qigong. A wonderful repetitious movement or maybe a great standing posture. You set
your timer or your favorite music to 5, 15 or maybe 60 minutes. You feel great, you are ready.

Or maybe just proud that you've made it in time for your own practice. Your postures is balanced, the movements just right. You open up for feelings of joy and relaxation, to get the qi flowing, and then….

A little squeaky door in your mind opens…. Tadaaa, in full glory and ready for battle : boredom and impatience have joined your practice.

Everybody who practices for serious amounts of time at some point encounters these two little stubborn-headed dragons.

Usually boredom and impatience get fed by making thoughts about non-relevant issues, moving the mind to the past or future or watch series for endless hours. Our uninhabited mind is mostly willing to come up with new adventures to still the hunger of these two insatiable little monsters. 

And then you have Qigong : your mind is strictly forbidden to come up with anything to satisfy boredom and impatience. You ought to focus on your practice, on yourself, on qi. Help!! The mind goes bezirk, what to do, what to come up with. Help, I do not want to experience boredom, I really need to be patient. 

And the more attention you give to these two relaxation-disturbing creatures the more they grow. How to get to the next minute with those two? They urge me to to stop my practice they, it is their only option, stop practicing and you will be released of the two buggers. They do not want your mind to stay in the moment. They just want out to play. 

Yes they do. And yes they challenge you to go out of the moment, away from what you are feeling, away from yourself.

So what is, in my opinion, the best solution? 

Be really happy with yourself, make yourself the best company you can be. In any moment in any time. Hug boredom and patience, give them all your love and maybe they wil tell you their secret. Good luck, and sent them my regards. 

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