Connect (2)

Yesterday we left with a blanc canvas, we all come into this world with an empty mind, like a lake. Not any thoughts come up. We live on instinct, food and comfort is all we need. The world is small and comfortable.
And then we start to learn new things, we learn colours, we learn shapes, we learn sounds and so much more. Our canvas is filled with dots of information. Every day, new dots arrive in our mind. Our mind expands.
Some of the dots we can point out in the world: strawberries! Some things are really unfindable, like ‘Eat your food!’. It seems the big people want you to do something, as they repeat the sentence over and over.
After some time you realise ‘Eat your food!’ is not the hairy moving animal on the floor, and also not the face of your sister. But something you should do to make everyone happy.
And so we learn from our environment. Our mind is made up from all these signals from outside. The dots start to form sentences and before you realize it, you’ve made a whole sentence in your head, and refer to yourself as: ‘I”. You connected the dots…. to be continued.
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