Connect (3)

I.. who am I? A question we all ask ourselves. You hobble through life collecting dots, putting them on your canvas. It’s like you have a little dot-magnet on the inside. And this magnet attracts exactly the dots you need ….
Our childhood contains the most amazing dots, real gems. The combination of our parents is unique and they respond in an unique way to you. Maybe they make you feel warm and safe, maybe they make you feel scared and unwanted. Or anything in between. It doesn’t matter what the feeling is, or the idea you get from your childhood. They are all dots on your canvas.
All your childhood dots contain a lesson for you. Teach you to share your warmth, to create safety, or to feel good about yourself no matter what others think. For some mystical reason all the dots you gather on your canvas make you the person you really are from the inside.
Do this exercise for yourself : take something from your childhood, or work. Something that you really didn’t like. Look at it, and realize what this situation has made you do. Did this dot make you assertive? Did it teach you to connect with the people around you and make you feel less alone?
At some point you connect all the dots and a picture starts to appear… you!
To be continued…
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