Favorite feeling

Not all the time, no, but sometimes unannounced, suddenly there it is: THE FEELING. A welcome sensation for a change, since most feelings are not so welcome because they are not fun. No THE FEELING is a most welcome guest in my system.
Even more, this is one of my top-3 of fantastic feelings. It is a bit of a tricky one, THE FEELING, because I’m not sure what I have to do to elicit it. The moment I start thinking about it, or worse longing for it, I believe it goes on hiding in the deepest corner of the universe.
But as today, I’m not busy with THE FEELING, just doing my things, bit of martial arts, bit of qigong, bit of cooking, bit of thinking about when to start working. There is actually a big pile of administration trying to seduce me for weeks, with no success so far.
And there it was, at 13:17 out of nowhere, THE FEELING of CONNECTEDNESS. In that moment I can feel I’m part of mankind. -Beware from this point on things might get a bit spiritual-. I can literally feel how I belong to this big group op humans wandering planet earth.
Like we are all one great and fun organism, in which everyone has his or her own activity. And every activity, has a result which is picked up by some others in the flock. That is such a great sensation, feeling to be part of the group, feeling that the messages I send out are somewhere picked up.
And in return I’m able to receive all sorts of messages. For which of course is a minute to minute practice to sort out all the messages coming my way. We live in such a great system and earth is our playground.
Yes, and this is one of the most beautiful feelings I know.
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