Yes, be conscious

Our consciousness fascinates me, the more I read about it and learn about it, the less I understand it. At first, there were humanoid people without awareness, or rather without thoughts. 

Quite a happy kind in my opinion. Then came the great leap in evolution and we separated ourselves from being animals. At least that is how we think about it. We thread thoughts of each other into logic, so that we can explain with good words that we really are no longer animals.
I have never seen my cat suffer a burnout or a nostalgic attack over Spain where she comes from. Incidentally, I still believe that she has a kind of consciousness, but one that does not bother her so much.
Our human consciousness contains the two great evolutionary leap forward elements: yesterday and tomorrow. And that’s where our misery begins, our longing for yesterday, our hope for tomorrow, and the vast majority of our thoughts are far from about the here and now. Disruptive for the soul because it doesn’t know at all when it’s its turn, and our body, eight poor bodies.
Rest, sleep, healthy food evokes my body, goes to do something creative says my soul, in the meantime I hang on the couch and fantasize about what I will do on holiday. To give just one example.
And what would be the intention then? That I do what my body and soul say on the couch, that I listen to them and make myself happy with them. That I feel connected to the earth and everything that lives on it, and that I am in the here and now.
After a lot of Qigong exercises, things are going well now, but I still wonder. When I was born, I became aware of something, something that produces thoughts and memories like a kind of factory. And then later in my life I’m going to clear this storage space again and tame my wild consciousness into a tame pony that shouldn’t escape from the here and now.
Now, tame pony sounds incredibly boring, but do realise that with a wild mustang in your head, you’ll see yourself back in the DSM-V. The psychiatric handbook for mental problems that are so big that you don’t belong to your daily life anymore.
Do me but the obedient pony then.
Once I spoke to a qigong grandmaster Feng, I asked him this question: So we come to earth with an empty consciousness, which then fills up with all kinds of feelings, thoughts and memories, and then we practice our game to get rid of everything that is unnecessary?
(Qigong practice not only for your physical health but also to calm your mind)
Yes, according to Grandmaster Feng that was indeed the case. A mischievous smile flew over his face. Again a bit more conscious… another piece of extra information to process.
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