Happy mind

Today I learned how I can make my mind the happiest mind of the world. I’m still a bit confused about it, I must say. The mind is happy when it has things to figure out, to look for answers on daily chores like ‘What do I wear?’ or ‘What shall I eat?’.

I can understand my mind is not happy when I’m ruminating about things that happened in another timeframe, the not now. Or when I'm dreaming about possible future events, also the not now. I learned so far my mind is most happy when it is in sync with my body, as in the same place and time.
But according to Shinzen Young, who I listened to because I’m studying a bit about Buddhist theories, the mind is just superficially happy thinking about the daily-in-the-now things. Ok, is there some higher level of mind-happiness to achieve? The superficial one is already mind-bogglin difficult to maintain for more than 10 minutes.
Yes there is an ultimate level of mind-happines according to Young: the deeper job of the mind is to understand what it is. What am I?
Many religious traditions and philosophical discussions have come up with great answers.
But there is only one real answer: The experiential answer. So if we practice, practice and practice even more in our meditations we will eventually reach a point of total-mind-happiness: When it knows itself. How cool is that? I assume that when my mind has reached this super-happy state the rest of me will also be in total bliss.
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